1. Sapa is famous for many ___________ place. (mountain)
  2. He wanted to ___________ in the English club so he had to study well. (participation)
  3. He believes in the God and he always goes to the Church to pray. He is ___________(religion).
  4. Miss Black is one of ___________from Friends of the Earth. (represent)
  5. Angkor Wat was ___________built for Hindus. (origin)
  6. Sapa is a famous ___________resort in Vietnam. (mountain)
  7. ___________resources include forests, coal and oil. (Nature)
  8. There are three ___________in the rice-cooking festival. (compete)
  9. We make it into compost and ___________our field. (fertilizer)
  10. Most tourists like visiting ___________ village. (tribe)
  11. She arranged flowers the most ___________in the contest. (attract)
  12. It is a contest in which ___________have to read two poems in English. (participate)
  13. Sapa is considered the most beautiful ___________resort in the north of Vietnam. (mountain)
  14. All ___________between Paris and Hanoi have been canceled due to fog. (fly)
  15. My mother doesn’t like me to wear short skirts to church. She thinks they are___________.(suit)
  16. There are many ___________festivals in Viet nam. (tradition)
  17. ___________, he was ill on the day of the pop festival. (fortunate)
  18. She looked ___________in her wedding dress. (magnificence)
  19. It is a contest in which ___________have to make a fire. (participate)
  20. They have a ___________time in Hawaii. (wonder)
  21. Angkor Wat was ___________built for Hindu. (origin)
  22. She ___________the rules of the game this morning. (explanation)
  23. Two ___________from the group ‘Friends of the Earth” are talking to the students. (represent).
  24. Mr. Hung is having a ___________for his bad back. (treat)
  25. Angkor Wat was___________ built to honor a Hindu God. (origin)
  26. Don’t buy the products which are ___________(package)
  27. They live in a ___________house. (magnify)
  28. We can stay in ___________resort in Sapa. (mountain)
  29. On Christmas Day, I often send my close friends ___________cards. (greet)
  30. Paris is ___________for the Eiffel Tower. (fame)
  31. Some ___________are not immediately dangerous because they are not active. (volcanic)
  32. The ___________of Flight 106 from Boston has been delayed. (arrive)
  33. How many ___________are there in this English – speaking contest?  (contest)
  34. Linda is one of the ___________From Friends of the Earth. (represent)
  35. The country’s ___________resources include forests, coal, and oil. (nature)
  36. H Long Bay was ___________by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. (recognition)
  37. It is a contest in which ___________have to read 2 poems in English. (participate)
  38. There are many cultural ___________between his country and mine. (differ)
  39. Every week, there are two ___________from Hanoi to Nha Trang. (fly)
  40. He couldn’t sleep sleep well because the hotel room was so ___________(comfort)
  41. Ha Long Bay was ___________by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. (recognition)
  42. The next ___________for New York will be at 11:00 a.m (depart)
  43. These pets require a lot of ___________and attention. (careful)
  44. Winning the Olympic title has brought him ___________and fortune. (famous)
  45. We need to make our city ___________to many tourists. (attraction)
  46. We have decided to settle ___________in HCM City. (permanent)
  47. The committee includes ___________from industry. (represent)
  48. He has a bad cold. He feels very ___________(please)
  49. You should brush your teeth___________(regular)
  50. Ha Long Bay now is a tourist ___________(attract)
  51. How many festivals ___________in your country? (celebration)
  52. Twenty villages have entered for the rice- cooking. (compete)
  53. The local people here are very ___________. (hospitability)
  54. The air in this city is becoming ___________polluted. (heavy)


Today / tonight


last month / night…


this month

The day before yesterday

The day after tomorrow

next month / week…






that day / that night

the day before / the previous day

the month before / the previous month / night

the following day / the next day

that month

Two days before

In two day’s time

the month after / the following month / week







Change these sentences into Reported Speech:


1. Nam said “I am told to be at school before 7 o’clock”.

2. Thu said “All the students will have a meeting next week”

3. Phong said “My parents are very proud of my good marks”

4. The teacher said “All the homework must be done carefully”

5. Her father said to her “You can go to the movie with your friend”

6. Hoa said “I may visit my parents in the summer”

7. The teacher said “We can collect old book for the poor students”

8. She said “She doesn’t buy this book”

9. The boys said “We have to try our best to win the match”

10. Her classmate said “Lan is the most intelligent girl in our class”

11. They told us “Our friends will get the award for their highest scores”

12. He said “I will go to school by bus tomorrow”

13. Phong said “I need to learn more vocabulary”

14. His brother told him “You can use my computer today”

15 Mai said “I can not go to the movies with you, Nam”

Report speech with to infinitive

1. She said to him: “give me another glass of wine”.

2. She said to me: “bring me a book”.

3. Mother said to him” open the window please!

4. He said to me: “shut the door after you”.

5. The captain said to them: “wait here still I come back”.

6. She told her: “take it and come with me”.

7. He said to me: “don’t come back before one o’clock”.

8. My mother told me: “don’t forget to look at the door”.

9. He said to his brother: “don’t open the window, open the door”.

10. He said to the girl: “don’t sit on my bed, sit on this chair please!”.

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