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Here’s a thing – if you’re into, lượt thích, cosmic guidance and all that.

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Today, YouTube has announced a new, customized tarot thẻ reading experience, which uses popular YouTubers as characters on its tarot thẻ displays.

YouTube tarot thẻ experience

As explained by YouTube:

The tarot community on YouTube has grown significantly over the past few years. In fact, last year, videos with "tarot" in the title were viewed more phàn nàn 250 million times in the US. To celebrate the tarot thẻ community, we partnered with some of your favorite creators and artists đồ sộ bring you a personalized tarot experience.

To access your own tarot thẻ reading, you can tap on the YouTube logo today (June 7th) or click on this link.

“Our creators, LavendaireVanessa Somuayina and Ediyasmr will read your cards from a custom, YouTube-inspired tarot deck featuring familiar faces lượt thích Safiya NygaardLarrayBLACKPINK and other popular creators and artists! They’ll also help you discover your Soul thẻ, which is calculated based on your date of birth and shares insights on your innate traits and personal path in life.”

YouTube tarot thẻ experience

You can then share your reading and Soul thẻ on social truyền thông media, letting everybody know that you probably also drink chai tea, and have at least one dream catcher up in our trang chủ.

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YouTube tarot thẻ experience

‘Hang on,’ I hear you say, ‘this trang web is about social truyền thông media marketing, what vì thế I care about unicorns and wizards?’

Well, probably not much, but it is worth noting the rising interest in tarot readings and related elements, especially among younger audiences.

Indeed, Snapchat added Astrological Profiles back in 2020, in response đồ sộ the rising user engagement with the topic, which some research suggests could be related đồ sộ the pandemic, and the impacts and stresses that it’s generated.

With that in mind, it is worth considering the overall engagement in the mystic arts, and if/how that relates đồ sộ your own audience and promotions.

Or, you might just want đồ sộ get a YouTube tarot reading, and see your favorite streamers on these cards.

It’s a little weird, but may be of interest.

You can get your own YouTube tarot reading here.

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